The problem of protection of enterprises, important objects of transport, fuel and other critical infrastructure from acts of illegal intervention with the use of drones is at the peak of urgency. The company Kvertus Technology is ready to offer comprehensive solutions to protect facilities for various purposes in Canada from potentially dangerous precedents.

Our antidrone system allows not only to detect, but also to suppress drones in the air over a protected object. The directional drone muffler deprives the operator of the ability to control the drone by blocking the control signal.

Anti-terrorist non-lethal weapons on the site

The company Kvertus Technology offers to order an effective non-lethal anti-drone gun. Civilian drone mufflers are universal products and can be used in any climate in Canada. Our drone mufflers are created on modern production with application of own developments and technological innovations.

We are ready to provide quality technical support for the antidron system during the period of use of the antidron system. The manufactured equipment is “Made in Ukraine”, a sign of high quality products. To order you just need to leave a request on the site

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