Great Britain

Along with the diverse use of drones, they are also used for illegal purposes. An antidrone rifle can be used to protect private property, important facilities in the UK’s various infrastructures, prevent unauthorized aerial surveillance and the threat of terrorist acts. The drone muffler blocks signals at common frequencies in the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands without disabling UAVs. It only suppresses the control system of drones at a distance of up to 5000 m.

Anti Drone Protection

Kvertus Technology offers non-lethal weapons to protect airports, port waters, British military locations, as well as to protect the confidentiality of commercial information and privacy.

Our products can be used in any climate in the UK. In the production of anti-terrorist equipment, we use the latest technological developments. Consult our specialists for the correct selection of a drone blocker. We will select the right non-lethal weapon for you, according to your wishes. Our company Kvertus Technology also provides technical support for the antidrone system.

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