Saudi Arabia

There are more and more cases of espionage, sabotage, illegal surveillance and gathering information about a person or object in the world with the help of UAVs. The state of Saudi Arabia is no exception. Powerful silencers for microwave drones solve the problem of unauthorized use of UAVs. Products drown out GPS, RC, Wi-Fi signals, forcing the drone to land. The range of our non-lethal weapons is up to 5 km, depending on the model of the device.

Weapons against drones

Airport administrations, critical infrastructure, government complexes, and military bases are encouraged to use a drone rifle to track and suppress various types of UAVs. In the company’s Kvertus Technology catalog you can find stationary and mobile devices to combat drones. High power and low power consumption are the main advantages of our anti-drone protection. Some complexes of the antidrone system are able to work around the clock in any weather.

Kvertus Technology specialists provide consultations, presentations and technical support for the antidrone system. Our equipment is “Made in Ukraine” – a sign of high quality, we are proud of it.

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