Drones in the hands of intruders can pose a serious threat to commercial structures, civilians, critical infrastructure. Terrorists can use UAVs to intercept or steal information, espionage, drug smuggling, and terrorist acts in the United States.

The antidrone system is able not only to detect and identify drones, but also to neutralize them. The military drone silencer is a means to ensure the preventive protection of people in their places of mass stay, the US infrastructure. It is a universal tool against the threats associated with the use of UAVs. The company’s Kvertus Technology non-lethal weapon fights drones by suppressing UAV control radio signals.

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Our antidrone system is made in Ukraine on own production with use of modern technologies and the latest equipment. So, all types of antidrone rifles have been pre-tested in different climatic conditions. We believe that anti-terrorist drone silencers will be an effective protection for stationary and mobile facilities in the United States, counteracting various types of drones.
Kvertus Technology employees are always ready to provide technical support for the antidrone system throughout the period of use of the equipment. You can leave a request on the website and we will contact you!

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