What Is A Drone? What Are Uses For Drones?

Unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming an integral part of our life. They are actively used not only in certain areas of human activity but also in everyday life. However, the use of drones may have negative consequences. The first who have taken advantage of drones were the military forces. They immediately started to use drones during armed conflicts. Such drone models as Triton MQ-4C, PD-100 Black Hornet, Northrop Grumman X-47BC are widely used by military. With their help, it is possible to carry out reconnaissance, adjust artillery fire and attack with built-in missile systems. Unfortunately, drones are often used by terrorist groups. They equip homemade drones with grenades, bombs, or small arms. Also, they use them to carry out reconnaissance.

Turkey has recently manufactured the drone Kargu-2, – a robot-killer that autonomously (without control of operator) can track targets, even a group of people, and shoot at them. The drone has built-in face recognition function and artificial intelligence, which makes it extremely dangerous. There was a case when drones Kargu-2 attacked military convoys during a retreat. Also, drones are actively used to access personal information. Military and civil infrastructure, power plants, industrial and warehouse complexes are objects for drone attacks to obtain secret information. It is enough to install the camera on the drone, and intruders will receive all the necessary information. Drones provide information about the object’s protection system and also deliver a warhead to a vulnerable spot. Even ordinary drone models created for entertainment can deliver explosives and poisonous substances to the destination, which is within their radius of action. Crowded places, critical and military infrastructures remain without the necessary defense systems against terrorist attacks from the air, while the attackers themselves do not even need risk to their lives. An additional hazard factor is industrial models of drones with extra-functionality. However, these models can also be used for criminal purposes, and the flamethrower included in their package creates additional opportunities for terrorists.

The development and implementation of defense systems against unmanned aerial vehicles is a high priority dictated by the current situation in the world. The question is not even about the confidentiality of people’s personal lives but about the safety of their health.

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