ANTIDRON SYSTEM “KVS ANTIDRON” is a complex system designed for automatic detection and suppressing civilian unmanned aerial vehicles at the distance up to 2000 meters. ANTIDRON SYSTEM “KVS ANTIDRON” consists of detection system “KVS AD-1” and drone jammer “VORTEX ANTIDRON” integrated into one system.

Product specifications

Total output power:
500 W;
Detection radius:
up to 2 km.
Jamming radius:
up to 2000 m;
amplified, directional;
Frequency ranges:
Remote control and video transmission 2.4G:
2400-2500 MHz
Navigation GPS L2:
1227 MHz
Remote radio control:
868-912 MHz (860-920 MHz)
Remote radio control:
433-434 MHz
Navigation GPS L1 + GLONASS L1:
1575 - 1620 MHz
Remote control and video transmission 2.4G:
5.5-5.9 MHz
ANTIDRON SYSTEM “KVS ANTIDRON” is developed and manufactured in Ukraine.

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Designed to suppress civilian drones under radio remote control of the pilot. This drone jammer consists of a generator unit, directional antennas, control panel and a battery power supply.

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