Thanks to the rapid technological progress, the capabilities of espionage have significantly expanded in recent years, and agents in suits have been replaced by “unmanned agents” – drones and quadcopters. UAVs are able to enter any protected area to collect all the necessary information. In addition, drones can be used to smuggle drugs, drop bombs, fire weapons, and collect personal data.

The best way to prevent espionage and protect yourself from unauthorized surveillance and spying is drone jammer.
The “ANTIDRON KVSG-3” is guaranteed protection of your privacy and personal space.

“ANTIDRON KVSG-3” allows effectively fight against drones, approaching the protected area, by suppressing the drone’s control and navigation channels. It leads to neutralization and forced landing of the intruder.

Product specifications

Total output power:
50 W;
Coverage area:
800-1000 m;
Operating time from the battery:
40 min;
disk, amplified, directional;
Power supply:
6 kg;
770x280x85 mm.
Frequency ranges:
Remote control and video transmission 2.4G:
2400-2500 MHz 20W
Navigation GPS L1 + GLONASS L1:
1575 - 1620 MHz 20W
Remote control and video transmission 5.8G:
5.5-5.9 MHz 10W
DRONE JAMMER “ANTIDRON KVSG-3” is developed and manufactured in Ukraine.

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