JAMMER “JAGUAR 6.0” is designed to protect moving and stationary objects from radio-controlled explosive devices.

JAMMER “JAGUAR 6.0” consists of 21 modules that generate and emit radio waves with total power of 1300 W in the frequency range between 20 to 6000 MHz without frequency gaps, and thus provides reliable suppression of any possible radio-controlled explosive devices (RCED).

JAMMER “JAGUAR 6.0” can be also used for effective protection of objects from UAV penetration and impact.

Product specifications

The frequency range along with power output for each of the radio-frequency band can be changed by the customer’s request.

JAMMER “JAGUAR 6.0”Specification:
Total output power:
1300 W;
Coverage area:
from 3000 to 5000 m;
Max. speed of the car with antenna system:
120 km/h.
Supply power:
3.3 kWh
Power supply:
13,8±1,2 V
50.0 kg.
480x390x412 mm
Frequency ranges:
Frequency range:
20 – 6000 MHz
JAMMER “JAGUAR 6.0” is developed and manufactured in Ukraine.

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