Assistance to law enforcement agencies

Unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, are widely used in everyday life. Despite great potential for improving different services, use of drones can also lead to very undesirable situations, such as privacy and safety violations, or property damage. There are increasing cases of drones carrying out terrorist attacks and threatening public safety and national security. Drones equipped with cameras pose a security risk to the community and complicate the work of police. Such drones have an aerial view of where police are stationed and where medical supplies are held, putting first responders’ safety and security at a disadvantage. Detection and blocking is an important part of their response to UAVs attempting to disturb, disable, or illegally monitor law enforcement operations.

Kvertus Technology produces a wide range of anti-drone systems to help police prevent espionage or sabotage with early detection of suspicious UAVs and options to disrupt and neutralize threats.

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