Energy and Critical Infrastructure Protection

UAVs pose a serious threat to power facilities. With their help it is possible to carry out espionage, terrorist acts at the industrial enterprises and objects of the fuel and energy branch. Kvertus Technology is ready to offer a perfect anti-drone complex to protect critical infrastructure.

Our development of the antidrone system has been tested in different conditions of its application. With the help of drone signal mufflers from the Kvertus Technology, you will be able to react quickly to all threats from the UAV. In our products are realized the most modern technologies of suppression of drones, for ensuring safety of air space over the protected object.

Reliable silencer for drones on the website

The administration of critical energy facilities and critical infrastructure must provide for the possibility of using UAVs against them, and accordingly develop measures to counter this. With the help of our company’s Kvertus Technology UAV mufflers, which track and suppress quadcopters and other drones in the protected area. We advise on choosing a radio-controlled muffler so that you can get the most effective equipment for your situation. On the equipment made by us there is an inscription “Made in Ukraine”, we are proud of this sign of high quality.

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