Privacy protection (from the paparazzi)

Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones have been incredibly popular in recent years. They are almost everywhere, being used for different purposes. There are countless drone application possibilities, that’s why paparazzi use them in everyday life. However, they use drones for illegal actions, posing a serious security risk and significant privacy concerns for celebrities and other public figures.

These small, radio-controlled aircraft equipped with long-lens cameras and video recorders have become a nightmare for the famous. Paparazzi using drones — the so called “dronerazzi” – spy on celebrities, posing a serious security risk and significant privacy concerns. Paparazzi drones have terrorized stars, flying over their houses to take photos of their houses or to learn what time they take their kids to school, where they sunbathe, where they shop, and other details of their private life. However, drones may pose more than a risk to personal privacy. In one case, a drone fell out of the sky and injured the child of the celebrity being spied upon. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident.

Kvertus Technology developed powerful anti-drone gun to help protect private property against the espionage of curious citizens and prevent unauthorized photo and video shooting from the air. Notably, our anti-drone systems can detect and suppress unmanned aerial vehicles at a distance of up to 5 km. The advantages of our jamming drone system are 100% efficient use, low power consumption, large coverage area, and the ability to work around the clock.

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