Protection of government institutions

The world has seen a significant increase in the number of drones, especially among criminals and cyber-criminals. Unmanned aerial vehicles may pose a cyber-espionage risk to government institutions and other organizations. Flying aircraft or drones are widely used for tasks related to national security or critical infrastructure.
The use of drones by malicious entities to conduct physical and cyber-attacks threatens society by breaching individual privacy and threatening public safety. In fact, various technical and operational drone properties are being exploited and misused for potential attacks. This includes performing critical operations based on offensive reconnaissance as well as surveillance aimed at tracking specific people and certain properties.

Governments are concerned about drone applications. Politicians note drones pose multiple threats for government, including their potential use for terrorism, mass casualty incidents, interference with air traffic, as well as corporate espionage, and invasions of privacy. Moreover, drones can pose security risks, including the data they gather could be stolen and used against us.

Kvertus Technology offers high-tech anti-drone systems to bring down drones and prevent cyber-espionage. Our drone jammer gun helps you exercise safe control of the airspace over government facilities.

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