Protection of oil and gas and mining facilities

Authorities all around the world are concerned about industrial espionage, including cyberattacks on the natural gas and oil industry. According to the latest report, there were many attempts to breach natural gas and oil facilities. The employees notice drones flying over several facilities photographing them. Such espionage efforts happen very often. Advanced functions, improved capabilities, and increasing availability of drones enhance UAVs role in illegal operations, such as surveillance, disruption, and weaponization. Drone applications pose significant threats to refinery infrastructure. Refineries are high-value terrorist targets because they are vital to the economy. Disruption of service to any of these facilities could have a catastrophic national impact.

That’s why oil, gas, and mining facilities require reliable perimeter security and defense from air to prevent careless, clueless, and criminal drone threats. To protect critical infrastructure, oil and gas companies must implement security control technology, starting with perimeter radars and anti-drone systems. Using Kvertus technologies, workers will be able to monitor and confront attacks on their infrastructure in real-time.

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