Protection of ships and facilities

Unmanned aerial vehicles have becoming more advanced in endurance, range, and payload capacity over the past few years. In addition, prices for drones are decreasing leading to the proliferation of UAVs. This results in greater threats caused by drones to the safety and security of commercial shipping vessels. International ship and port facilities require powerful defenses against the growing threat drones pose to the safety and security of vessels. Ships and other vessels on coastal voyages, at anchor, or in port could be targets for drones loaded with explosives or another weapon by terrorists, not just cameras to spy on ships.

To help combat this emerging threat, company Kvertus Technology developed powerful anti-drone systems for detection and neutralization of UAVs. With the help of our anti-drone systems, you will identify flying UAVs within a specific range. Once a drone has been detected, the system creates a ‘safe zone’ around the vessel. When the drone approaches this ‘safe zone’, its video signal will be interrupted, initiating its fail-safe mode forcing it to land or return to its operator.

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