Protection of state borders

Drones for smuggling are freely sold to residents close to borders. The sellers assure that drones can easily carry tens of kilograms over a distance of more than 12 km, and then automatically drop the load at a given point. According to recent statistics, smugglers are increasingly using unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver drugs or tobacco to drop off points where they can be sold tax-free at a good profit. The frontier guards admit bringing down a drone is a difficult task. They are flying high and using GPS navigation. The smugglers use compact drones with various shapes, which are hard to notice especially at night. That’s why radar technology and anti-drone systems are reliable solutions to monitor the presence of drones and prevent possible threats. Kvertus Technology produces powerful anti-drone systems to help identify drones within specific ranges and bring them down. Anti-drone systems are the best way to respond to emerging dangers.

We have developed an entire line of drone interdiction options. Supplying our clients with qualified anti-drone devices, we provide fully maintenance for our customers and regularly consult with them as questions arise. If you want to employ an anti-drone system, contact us. Kvertus Technology was established to design and supply anti-drone devices with different frequency ranges for safeguarding trade and confronting increasing electronic devices employed by terrorists.

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